AFSL 2022 Guidelines


Each team will appoint two Team Reps who will be responsible for the conduct of their players and any support group they may have with them. Please be nice to each other at all times. R-E-S-P-E-C-T your fellow AFSL Friends.

All players are asked to be ready and at our Athletic Parks by NOON every Game Day! We have permits from 12:30 PM until 3:00 PM. Get your warm-ups in and get rolling as soon as possible. The first pitch of all games must be at 12:30 PM at the latest. Please plan ahead (check traffic reports) and be on time for your Sunday Fun Day.

Both teams are responsible for putting out AND putting away the bases at Pop Davies Athletic Park. Everyone should know the combination to the base boxes. If you arrive early – please put them out. City Workers put out the bases at all other AFSL Athletic Parks.

Both teams supply one game ball every week.

Team Reps will meet, prior the start of the game, at which time the rosters will be exchanged and general ground rules discussed. A coin toss will determine which team bats first. Winner of the coin toss decides to bat first or second in the first game. Home and Visitor reverse for the second game.

Bocce Ball, one toss each from home plate to the pitching rubber, also works for a coin toss. Any quick, easy and fun mini-contest works.

Team Reps, together with the home plate umpire, will calmly work out any discrepancies that may arise during the course of the game. This discussion should take place at home plate or anywhere that is away from both benches. Players must NOT get involved.

Please be fair and reasonable - Younger AFSL teams should defer to experienced teams on rule discrepancies.

During an AFSL Sunday Fun Day, the last thing that should happen is physical and/or verbal abuse of an umpire and/or fellow players. ANY physical abuse (2008) towards an umpire and/or fellow player/fans, will most likely result in a life-time ban from the AFSL.

Please respect each other and the Mantra of the AFSL = Fun in the Sun - With Family and Friends!

All Sundays are doubleheaders during the 2021 AFSL season. Play two seven-inning games against the same team on the same diamond. Due to time restrictions any break between games should be about five minutes. If a player leaves in between games, you can add them at the bottom of your batting order once they return.

All games have a 7 run per inning mercy rule except the last inning, which is unlimited.

If BOTH TEAMS agree to play ONE (1) nine-inning game, instead of two seven-inning games, the score must be called as the actual game score. Please don’t add runs to the actual nine-inning game score.

If the home team is leading after the top half of the last inning, in any game, the game is over. The home team does not bat in the bottom half if they are leading. This rule must be followed throughout the league.


Stealing of second and/or third base is permitted. The base runner is not allowed to leave the base until the ball has entirely crossed home plate. No runner, under any circumstance, is allowed to steal home plate. If, during a steal attempt, the ball goes into the outfield, out of play, on to the street, lodges on top of a southbound LRT train, or catches on fire and explodes, no runner will advance home on a steal attempt. In short, the only way you can score is on a hit or bases loaded walk.

PLEASE NOTE! There is a very simple and good reason why stealing is allowed in the AFSL. Relatively skilled players should play the pitcher and catcher positions. The risk of injury at those two positions is far greater than at any other position. Please play skilled players at the pitcher and catcher positions. No player will attempt to steal a base while the ball is being returned from the catcher to the pitcher. That includes a return throw by the catcher that is ten feet off the mark.

Sliding is allowed - Though certainly not encouraged!!!

A batted ball that hits home plate, or any white base, is a LIVE BALL.

Bunting and leading-off base is NOT allowed in the AFSL.

INFIELD FLY RULE: “When, at least first and second are occupied, with less than two outs, any ball hit higher than twelve feet, and can be caught with ordinary effort by anyone playing on the infield, is an automatic out for the batter. The umpire should call – Infield fly rule, batter is out. The play is dead and no runners shall advance. 

Please Note: We do not play with  "a runner can advance at their own peril with a base tag up" option on an infield fly. No one goes anywhere on an infield fly out.

The extension of the backstop, infinitely down the first and third base lines, is considered as out of play on all diamonds. A ball hit beyond the extension of the backstop is automatically out of play and it’s a foul ball. Please do not attempt to make a play on a ball that is going out of play because it may result in serious injury and it’s a futile effort.

It is common courtesy for all players, regardless of which team they play on, to let a fielder know when a ball is going out of play by yelling “out of play”. In doing so, you can help prevent major injuries. Thank You Muchly!

Runners are allowed one base further than the base they are approaching once a thrown ball goes out of play. This includes home plate UNLESS a steal was being attempted.

Prime Example: On a hit, a fielder tries to throw out a runner approaching third. The ball is overthrown and goes out of play. The end result is the runner approaching third will get third base and home. All other base runners also advance beyond the base they were approaching when the ball went out of play.

It makes no difference how far the runner has advanced past the base. Once a base is rounded the player is approaching the next base. If a runner is heading back to a base when the ball goes out of play, they advance to the next base ONLY.

THIS IS HUGE!!! Base runners never touch home plate - NEVER EVER! A run line will be drawn in chalk - parallel to home plate. Pick up the run line in your line of sight, as you round third base, and stay away from the catcher and home plate please.

Be selective when throwing to home plate. If the base runner is only six stride away from the run line, no matter how hard you throw it from center field, you will not get them out. Catchers, please come off the plate if the incoming throw is errant and off the plate

In the event of inclement weather, five full innings shall be considered a complete game. Less than five innings will necessitate a make-up game at a time and date decided upon by the Team Reps. The AFSL office will initiate any make-up game discussions. It is the responsibility of all teams to ensure that all games are played by seasons end. Make-up games, as long as both teams agree, can be played on any day of the week.

Amendment (2020): We can't force teams to play in the rain. If over half the fields are closed, or less than half the games are played, any games played will be not be included in the Final Standings.

Absolutely no metal cleats are to be worn by any player, at any position - NO EXCEPTIONS!

Other than wedding bands, medical or religious bracelets, all jewellery should be removed while playing. This is for the safety of the ALL players.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): From battling helmets, to catchers’ masks, to cloth facemasks, wearing PPE is a personal choice. We kindly ask that everyone understands and respects that.

The decision of the home plate umpire in any dispute is FINAL. Please be fair when umpiring. Umpire abuse will not be tolerated. Any incidents reported to the AFSL office will be investigated and action, if necessary, will be taken. Once again this year, each team will umpire when their team is at bat. While it is not necessary to have the same person umpire every inning, or even the whole inning, please be sure that whomever is umpiring knows the AFSL rules.

All teams need to have at least three girls on the field on defense. If you are short a girl, you must play with nine players in the field (7 guys & 2 girls) and take an automatic out at the bottom of your batting order. Should you have six guys and four girls - All players play on defense and there is no automatic out.

If you have 3 girls, you can have up to 9 guys in the batting order. 4 girls, 12 guys max, and  5 girls, 15 guys max.

All players must be listed in the batting order at the start of the game. Any players arriving after the game has started must be added to the bottom of the batting order. Players can be added to the bottom of the batting order at any time during a game.

Having a player play half the game and then replacing them with someone else in the same spot in the batting order is not permitted. Everyone who shows up is always added to the batting order. There’s no “sitting out” in baseball eh?

Barring injury, any position changes made during an inning should be made with players on the field at the time of the change. Please keep in mind that there are always special circumstances IE: Parents with small children - Everyone is asked to be flexible.

Inning by inning substitutions in the field is at each team's discretion. To be eligible to play in the field you must be in the batting order. To bat you must play at least one inning in the field - at some point during the game. Players DO NOT need to play in the field before batting. That is one wacky rule eh?

AMENDMENT (2011): If you have played in the AFSL for at least 30 years – you can take on a “Designated Hitter” role and you are not required to play in the field. We don’t have very many DH’s. 

Pinch runners are always allowed. A batter is not required to make it to first before they have a pinch runner. Girls run for girls, guys run for guys. Please keep in mind that we don't encourage people to play with injuries. It’s not safe and it’s not worth risking further injury. 

AMENDMENT (2019): Pinch runners are NEVER allowed to steal.

To be eligible to play in the playoffs, all teams must be able to prove that players were part of their active roster at some point during the regular season. The proof is in the scorebooks so please keep accurate records.

PITCHING: The maximum “arc of the pitch” at its HIGHEST POINT is eight feet which is 243.84 centimeters or 96 inches. There is no minimum arc as long as the ball crosses the white of the plate (it has corners) within the strike zone. Any pitch with an arc higher than eight feet is always called a ball once it crosses the plate. All pitches will be tossed at a slow, moderate speed.

Windmill style pitching is NOT allowed. Keep in mind that the AFSL is a recreational league and therefore it should also be a hitter’s league. Throw the ball across the plate and let the batter hit it eh? Pitchers are encouraged to "catch the corners" and umpires are asked to call strikes on those pitches.

STRIKE ZONE: Nipples to knees for all batters

How far away from home plate a pitcher stands is at her/his discretion. Please pitch from a safe distance!

It is the responsibility of BOTH TEAMS to email the scores from both games to: 

Send them as soon as the game ends if possible - Noon on Monday at the latest please.

In the unfortunate event that a game is defaulted – A 10-0 final score will be recorded.

The first tiebreaker in the standings is runs for and the second is runs against.

No game shall end in a tie. A regulation game that is tied will go into extra innings and play will continue until a winner has been decided. If you can’t play out a tie game, the Team Reps will flip a coin. Heads is always Home - Tails is always Visitor.

The use of titanium bats is strictly prohibited!  Don't Buy Killer Bats!

All players play at their own risk and the AFSL is not responsible for any injuries no matter how they may occur. This rule also applies to all league functions. Play Safe People!


2022 AFSL Approved Bats:

Please be sure that the bats you bring to your games have at least one of the stamps in the image below. While we aren’t going to send Inspector Clouseau out to the diamonds - We are going to trust teams to do the right thing when it comes to “policing” the Approved Bats policy. 

Softball Canada Approved Bats:

If a team is found to be using a banned bat, and it is brought to our attention, we will manage each incident on an individual basis. Please don’t buy or use bats that can kill people!

**** All bats must have at least one of these stamps to be AFSL street legal....



Commitment and Run lines will be marked in chalk by City of Calgary grounds keepers. If the Commitment line is not marked, it is 21 feet from home plate towards third base. If a runner is inside the commitment line and an opposing player has control of the ball while touching home plate they are out.

Please Note: One ENTIRE foot must cross the Commitment Line, and touch the ground, for a runner to be considered as having crossed over the line. Just a toe needs to hit the ground when crossing the Home Plate Run Line. Catchers can move up the third base line and tag a player out. Please BE SAFE if attempting a tag!


Teams are limited to five (5) Home Runs hit over the outfield fence per game. If one team has five HR, before the opposition has hit five, all subsequent HR’s will be a SINGLE. If both teams reach the five HR mark, one HR for one HR takes over and a single remains in place for over-the-limit home runs.

Please Note: No base runners shall advance on a over-the-limit (OTL) home run unless they are forced. ONE RUN scores on a bases loaded OTL home run. There is NO STEALING by base runners that hit an OTL home run. 


The AFSL position on Beverages & Sunday Softball has been the same for over four decades. We ask that everyone respects the laws and that you do not display open liquor at anytime. Please play under control, respect the diamonds, facility workers and each other. Thank You!



We have games on Mother’s Day, Fathers Day and during the Stampede. If you anticipate a problem with fielding a team on any Sunday, please contact the league office at 403-860-8508 well in advance of the date. We will assist you in making arrangements. Cancelations start with contacting the AFSL office - Please DO NOT contact the other team before you contact us. 


We are proud and pleased to welcome back Tuxedo Source For Sports as our equipment supplier and Willow Park Wines & Spirits as our beverage supplier. Once beverages are consumed, after any social event, call Key Please to get home safe! The support we receive from them, plus all of our generous Friends of The KOP, is integral to the overall success of the AFSL.

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Cheers to another awesome season of Fun in the Sun - With Family and Friends!